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Monday, August 12, 2013
By Aimee
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Do you know how much you spend on razors? I started thinking about how much we spend as a family on cartridges. I was completely blown away by the cost. I cannot believe for just six brand name cartridges I'm paying $24, for my daughters closer to $30. We use each cartridge maybe three times before it starts to irritate the skin. In the summer I shave every other day. The mounting cost was really shocking.

Mainstream brands are currently charging us outrageous prices for the blades we need to stay smooth. Even the hubs is paying $35 for an 8 pack of his razors.  Why do we pay so much? Well honestly what other alternative is there. Mainstream brands have a monopoly like hold on the $4 billion market, there are just no other good alternatives out there. Think about it how many times have you picked up those cheap dollar packs and have been given cuts and razor burns for your cheapskate ways?

I have recently been introduced to, they have a very simple concept: eliminate the middleman retailer in order to offer top of the line quality razor blade systems and cartridges at a fair price. Consumers pay up to 50% less for an ultra premium razor with American made blades and burn free shaving! "Until now consumers were left with two choices: razor burn or wallet burn. Pay premium for a good shave or get cut for cheeping out," states Steven Krane, Co-Founder and CEO of "By eliminating the middle made we are able to offer the latest razor technology and the highest quality product at a fair price. "

The newly launched website is now offering four cartridges of 5-blade women's razors with a complimentary free handle to new customers for only $9.99 and 8-cartridges for $17.99 (compared to $34.99 for my usual brand Gillette Venus 8-cartridge replacements). There is also free shipping with every order and a burn free guarantee refund to any customer that feels dissatisfied. The product is available for a one-time purchase with optional choice for auto-replenishment so you don't have to worry about ordering new blades before you run out. There is no long term subscription service required to use

The 5-blade razor is available in both men's and women's variety, evenly distributes pressure for a more comfortable and less irritating shave with enhanced pivoting for hard to reach areas. There is also a lubricating moisture ribbon that reduces skin irritation with Vitamin E and Aloe. The thin blades are made from the finest steel and are ceramic coated to resist rust and stay sharper longer. It gets close to the skin and gives a lasting shave. I'm so glad I received a press sample to try and I will be a customer for life. I'm saving money and getting a better shave.

Who else is into saving money and still keeping smooth?


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